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It pays to be a
good friend.

Give someone a free month to Birch Road (at no cost to you) and you'll get $50.

No strings attached. They can cancel at anytime. It's our way of encouraging your community to join in for all that makes Birch Road a place you want to be.

Share the link with a friend today so they can redeem their free month!

What's bonus referral month?

For a limited time, instead of our usual $50 referral bonus, we're doubling it to $100! PLus your friend gets their FIRST MONTH FREE!

What's in it for me?

The best thing about Birch Road is the members, so why not include your favorite people in the mix? Any member who refers a new member for any club in before October 15th will get a $100 credit on their membership dues following the new member's second month of membership. There’s no limit on how many credits you can have – so bring it!

Is there a limit on my referral bonuses?

No limit! Refer us as many members as you’d like and build up those credits while giving them a deal! Keep in mind, each referred member must still be a member 45 days later in order for you to receive your credit.

When do I get my bonus?

Referral bonuses will apply to your account 45 days after new member registration. Your referral’s membership must be active at that time to qualify.

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