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  • What is a BYOB Neighborhood Clubhouse?
    Birch Road is a BYOB Neighborhood Clubhouse - a membership space much like a gym or co-working space but centered around your social life. The clubhouse is rooted in the belief that the best path to the community is good drinks and good conversation. There are no bartenders, no TVs, no reservations required. Each member has fingerprint access to the space and their own locker in our temperature-controlled wine cellar, making gathering with friends easier than ever. It's truly an extension of your own living room. Membership ranges from $145 - $175 per month.
  • Can I ship my wine to the club?
    For select cities we are happy to receive your wine deliveries and put them directly in your locker. Just send us the tracking information in advance so we can make sure your wine arrives safely.
  • What's included in my membership?
    Leave your wallet at home when you come to the club! No one likes to see additional add-on fees at the end of the month, so your monthly membership covers everything, including your cellar storage, unlimited access to the club, a flexible guest policy, and invites to our exclusive member events. Some locations have cheese flights, salumi, and other delicious local snacks for sale for your convenience.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    Yes! In fact, all our memberships are month-to-month. We do not ask for an annual contract. We understand that things change. Life shifts sometimes and the club might not be a good fit for you anymore. All we ask for is 30-days advance notice on any cancellations.
  • Can I bring friends?
    Yes! Each member can bring in two guests at any time. All our clubs also feature a private or semi-private room that you can reserve for no additional cost and then host a larger group.
  • What are the clubhouse hours?
    Generally, our club hours are from 8am – 2am every single day (including holidays!). However, due to local restrictions, hours may vary. Give us a call at 312.715.7774 to confirm club hours for a specific clubhouse.
  • Can I bring my own food or order in?
    Yes! Members are welcome to order in takeout, hire a caterer, or bring food from home. We provide all the plates, silverware, and napkins that you would need to give yourself the perfect night out. We also love to support the amazing local restaurants around the clubs and encourage our members to do the same.
  • Can I store beer or spirits in my locker?
    Yes! Come on, we’re not all wine snobs! It’s about you having in your locker what you love and being able to enjoy that with friends, every time. Our cellars are filled with a wide variety of things that are a reflection of the diversity of tastes our members have.
  • How much is membership?
    Membership options do vary, depending on what city you are in. Memberships range from $145 - $175 per month, plus a one-time $60 enrollment fee.

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