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Birch Road for Business

Introducing a new level of Birch Road membership, built just for entrepreneurs like you.


We’ve taken our Birch Road membership experience, which is already great for business owners and amped it up with extra guest and event privileges! It’s the perfect way to enjoy all the Birch Road offers as a place to work, network, and entertain, plus impress your clients as guests on the regular.


Whether you're inviting clients for a coffee meeting or celebrating closing that deal with your team, you'll be doing it in an elevated space (with the drinks you love) minus the expense of a restaurant? With our versatile spaces, you can host anything from a one-on-one meeting to a full-blown presentation, all without a hitch.


Scroll to learn more and see all the perks of a Birch Road for Business membership.

Birch Road for Business Membership

Business Pricing

$195 per month (includes business membership benefits for two people)

One-time $60 enrollment fee

Cancel anytime with 30 days advance notice (no strings attached!)

Additional employees can be added for just $65 per month per employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I book the private room?

Complimentary use of the room is privilege we extend to all our members to enjoy. It's not intended to be used a regular private office. We do understand though that sometimes the room can be useful for standing meetings. If that's the case for you, reach out to us to learn more about your options.

Can I promote and advertise my business and events to Birch Road members?

The best part about Birch Road is our community of members and while we encourage natural connections, we do have a strict no hard solicitation rule. Birch Road is first and foremost a social club so keep in mind that our members did not necessarily join with business networking in mind. 

Can I post about my business in the group chat?

Group chat is a great way to invite Birch Road members to an event or party you're hosting. Can they share discount codes or sales?

How can I collaborate with Birch Road to host a member led event?

We're always open to new ideas! If your event is a good fit for Birch Road members and aligns with our brand, let's talk! Keep in mind though that member led events are not intended for profit or sales, but in the spirit of sharing a hobby or interest.

Do I get a credit if I refer a member to Birch Road?

Yes! Birch Road for Business members get a double referral bonus!

If I cancel, can I still use my annual credits for a private event rental?

No, credits are surrendered on your last day of membership.

Do my private event rental credits rollover?

Private rental credits must be used within 12 months of issuance.

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