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Take a peek inside...

From a historical landmarked carriage house, to a 1920s butcher shop, to a former art deco photography studio, all of our clubhouses are uniquely designed to reflect the neighborhoods and buildings they are in. We invite you to take a peek inside!

Lincoln Park Studio_Nathanael Filbert_edited_edited.jpg


Lincoln Park, Chicago

Original timber building built in 1935. Former industrial laundromat turned 1980s photography studio.


Roscoe Village, Chicago


Built in 1899 and former home and butcher shop of an Italian immigrant family.

20190517_BRC_HDR_ (5).jpg


First Hill, Seattle

Built in 1901 as the carriage house to one of the oldest residential mansions in Seattle.


The Highlands, Denver

clubhouse private room.jpg

 A beautiful bow truss building and former brewery with an amazing and spacious outdoor patio.

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