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A  new kind of social club

Your neighborhood BYOB clubhouse

No bartenders, no corkage fees, just the space you need to make the night what you want.


You’re in charge, we’re here if you need us.

Intro - A new kind of social club
How it works

BYOB is better

Bring it, store it, pour it.

Membership includes your own personal locker in our temperature-controlled cellar for you to store your own bottles. So whether you're into wine, whiskey, gin, craft beer (or all of the above!), you'll always have your favorite bottles on hand and the freedom to make YOUR perfect drink every time.

BYOB is better at Birch Road
Entertaining Reimagined at Birch Road Clubhouse

Everything at your fingertips

Grab a glass. Be the bartender.

Each clubhouse is well-stocked with all the glassware, decanters, bar tools, plates, silverware, ice, and everything you can imagine. We even provide complimentary mixers and garnishes to channel your inner mixologist.


We plan for every detail so that you don't have to. Make yourself at home and grab whatever you need to make the night you want. (And yes, we even have the fancy ice cubes!)

Entertaining reimagined

Hassle-free hosting.

Is it a wine and cheese night, or a scotch on the rocks kind of night? Doesn't matter because either way, we've got you covered. Break free of the usual constraints of entertaining, because when there is no menu, the possibilities are endless.

Get the space you need, when you need it. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or meeting a few friends for drinks, the clubhouse is waiting to welcome you and your guests.

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Your new home office

A change of scenery changes everything.

Forget hourly rates and complicated pricing plans. Membership includes access daily starting at 8AM plus complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, printer use, coffee, tea, and soda.

There's a variety of seating options from comfy couches to conference tables and each clubhouse is equipped with a private meeting room that is included in your membership. Best of all, we're 100% BYOB, so bring your lunch and a little something for happy hour too!


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  • No annual contracts

  • Cancel at any time

  • $60 one-time enrollment

  • $145 per month

  • Cellar storage

  • Free mixers, coffee, tea, and snacks

  • High-speed Wi-Fi and printer use

  • Complimentary meeting space

  • Weekly member events

  • Interest-based groups

  • Field trips & travel

  • Flexible guest policy

No contract or annual commitment | No extra fees or spend requirement | No dress code, judgement or referral needed

A new way to be social

A place to meet friends both old and new.

More fun, guaranteed

A built-in social calendar. We make fun easy.

It's true. Our member events are amazing. From intimate Meet the Winemaker events to casual member socials, each month there's a variety of highly curated events for you to enjoy.


Plus, our interest-based miniclubs, such as Travel Club, Book Club, and Wine Club, are a great way to learn something new while getting to know other members.  

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Community at its best

Real-life connections with real people in your city.

Guess what? It's not really about the wine or whiskey in your glass. Good drinks and good conversation are a great path to community. At Birch Road, strangers become friends every single night and we're more interested in your favorite podcast than your job title.


Our members love the joy of meeting someone new and are quick to pull up an extra chair or provide an introduction.

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Lincoln Park Clubhouse

1113 W. Armitage Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614




Roscoe Village Clubhouse

2002 W. Roscoe Street

Chicago, IL 60618




First Hill Clubhouse

1212 Minor Avenue

Seattle, WA 98101




The Highlands Clubhouse

3845 Lipan Street

Denver, CO 80211


Come see for youself

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Meet our members

Birch Road Whiskey Lovers.jpg

Birch Road is an amazingly welcoming place full of great events and people.


Since I’ve joined I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed my time at Birch Road, especially since COVID it's been nice to have another option other than my home.

Our story

Like all great things, it started over a bottle of wine.

We love restaurants and we love paying a premium for a really impressive cocktail that we could never make ourselves. But when all we want to do is open a bottle and talk all night or when we’re focused more on the people at our table than the people in the room, Birch Road is our perfect spot. We built the clubhouse that we were craving, and it turns out a lot of other people have been too.


Friends & Co-Founders

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