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Birch Road Benefits: Three Reasons to Join a Private Social Club

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a sanctuary for socializing can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Get to know the BYOB social club: it’s the best way to meet friends, have a space to call your own (outside of the home), and enjoy a place to work and unwind on your terms. That’s where Birch Road Clubhouse comes in. With locations in Chicago, Denver, and Seattle, we provide a space for members to work, relax, network, and entertain. People join Birch Road for many reasons, ranging from wanting to learn more about wine to needing a space to host their monthly bunco nights. This isn’t your average membership club, it’s your gateway to building a community (and skipping the reservations, lines, and expense of going out).

Ultimately, the reasons to join a private social club like Birch Road boils down to three essential motivations, according to feedback from our members:

#1 - Meeting New People

Let’s be honest — making friends as an adult is hard. This is especially true if you’ve just moved to a new city, started a new job, or made a big life transition. Old friends move away, start families, or otherwise grow apart. Today’s remote and hybrid work arrangements mean work life is mostly separate from our social life, and your co-workers are no longer instant pals.

Coming to Birch Road to build new friend circles is an excellent reason to join. We provide a variety of ways for people to form valuable foundational relationships with our other members: 

  • Miniclubs 

  • Member socials 

  • Coworking days

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Gaming

  • Discussion groups

  • Specialty cocktail parties

  • Networking

Members often attend our events or stop by the clubhouse whenever they’re in the neighborhood, knowing there will be many friends they know at the club they can sit and chat with, or share a bottle of wine. Community building is a Birch Road specialty. 

At every single clubhouse, time and time again, we see our members celebrating birthdays, traveling, or exploring new adventures in the city with people they met at Birch Road. Making friends in a bustling urban environment can be difficult, but a Birch Road Membership definitely helps connect you with people you want to know.

#2 - Extra Space and a Third Place

Birch Road is your home away from home. This means it can also be your living room, your dining room, your entertaining space, your office, and whatever else you might need the clubhouse to be. It’s a casual yet social environment where you can be your best self while being part of a powerful community — the perfect “third place.”

Membership includes the use of our private rooms to hang with friends, meet with colleagues, or entertain clients both day and night. Each clubhouse opens at 8 am so our members can use the space for co-working and meetings, which comes in handy when you need a reliable alternative to working from home.

#3 - Freedom of Choice For Your Social Life 

Take back your social life! We all complain about the same things at a bar or restaurant. It’s too loud, too expensive, too crowded, the experience isn’t what it used to be, and did we mention it’s too expensive? 

With ever-growing service charges, administrative fees, self-pay fees (this is real!), automatic gratuities, and sky-high covers, lately it feels like the accumulated costs of going out are far exceeding the bill for your actual food or drinks. 

When it comes to culinary delights, bars and restaurants go to great lengths to educate you on where your food comes from and a range of experiences is readily available from quick service to fine dining, depending on your mood. But when it comes to enjoying your favorite beverages exactly the way you want, not so much. How many times have you ordered your favorite cocktail only to realize you made it better at home? Or do you get frustrated knowing the price of one glass pour far exceeds the cost of the entire bottle?

Stop scouring an uninspired wine list for something familiar but not too expensive when you already have the bottle you’re craving at home (perhaps discovered on your trip to Paso Robles last summer). 

When you know exactly what you want and precisely how it should be served, that’s when you need Birch Road. 

Turns out, BYOB social clubs are a good deal. A night out on the town with friends could end up costing you more than an entire month of membership. When you want to socialize with handmade craft cocktails without having to scream to be heard, just head to Birch Road.

Freedom of choice is one of the greatest benefits of Birch Road. Don’t let the markups and fees in restaurants and bars keep you from having a vibrant social life. Invite a client out and treat her to a $200 bottle of Champagne (an actual $200 bottle, not a $30 bottle being sold for $200!). Treat your friends to dinner at the Clubhouse and enjoy company, affordability, and the freedom to focus on what’s truly important. 

Create Your Community

Making new friends and finding people to share meaningful experiences with can be challenging as an adult, especially after moving to a new city or making a big life transition. 

Much like a gym or co-working space (but better), Birch Road clubs are centered around your social life. The clubhouse is rooted in the belief that the best path to building a strong community is good drinks and good conversation. 

Our clubhouses are thoughtfully designed to encourage our members to be comfortable and provide the ideal opportunity to make new friends and socialize. With smaller spaces you can reserve for a more intimate evening to large tables perfect for hosting a dinner party, Birch Road has the environment you need.

Want to find out for yourself? At Birch Road Clubhouse, we’ve got everything you need to feel at home — book a tour of your local community Clubhouse today!


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